Accept EasyPay and Mobile Merchant Transactions With Aliant Payment Systems

Card Reader and Free App

Aliant’s merchant services is excited to offer Mobile Processing capability via smart phone and tablet devices through the free payment processing app found within the iTunes store and Google Play marketplace. It takes just few steps to link your APS merchant account to your free app. Within minutes, you can accept mobile credit card and debit card transactions where cellular or WiFi connections are available. Or, take a few more steps and make the most of your mobile processing capabilities. Check out these advanced features from Aliant Payment Systems.

  • Swipe or Key Enter Transactions ? Use the type of transaction capture that works best for your business and your customer.

  • Print or Email Receipts ? Connect your device to your local printer for a paper receipt or email a copy of the receipt directly from your device to your customer.

  • Location Maps ? Add a geotag image to your receipt, showing your device’s location where the transaction took place.

  • Signature Capture ? Capture a signature from your customer before the sale is processed. The signature is also displayed as a part of the customer receipt.

  • Enable ?Add Tip? Button ? Provide your customer with a tip option to the initial sale. Options include 15%, 18%, 20%, 25% or a custom tip amount.

  • Perform a Full or Partial Refund ? A Transaction History function within the application allows for Refunds, Voids, and Forwarding of your receipts directly from your device.

Want to accept credit cards while you’re away from your storefront or on the go? Aliant Processing Services can make it happen. Contact us today for a free consultation. Call 888-638-6103 or use the convenient form to your right.