Credit Card Processing

At Aliant Payment Systems, we understand that businesses want to provide a convenient shopping experience for consumers. Accepting debit and credit card payments provides great benefits for you and your customers.

Increased Sales: Consumers spend more when they’re not limited by what cash they have on hand. Aliant?s credit card processing services help your clients to purchase higher-margin products.

Increased Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: Customers want the convenience of shopping with their credit and debit cards, so it makes sense to give your customers exactly what they want – fast, reliable and easy ways to pay. Customers will appreciate the flexibility to pay the way they want to pay – increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Speed of Checkout: Speed your customers through checkout with rapid debit or credit card processing. That means shorter lines and no more counting change or waiting while customers write out checks.

Improved Efficiency: Credit cards are a guaranteed, cost-effective form of payment. Electronic payments save you time and money by reducing cash handling and payment reconciliation. This gives you more time to manage and grow your business. ?Quick and easy reports make accounting easy, with funding received in 24 hours or less.

Safety: With lower volumes of cash on hand, you’re less vulnerable to theft.

To learn more about how credit card processing with Aliant Payment Systems can assist your business, contact us today.