Gift Cards and Loyalty Cards from Aliant Payment Systems

How customers buy goods and services are evolving every day. Gift cards continue to grow in popularity, with over 93% of consumers purchasing or receiving a gift card annually. Gift cards can generate more revenue for your business, too. Over 72% of consumers report spending more than the value of their gift cards.

Gift Cards Boost Your Sales

Gift cards are not only popular as gifts, they can even change purchasing plans. When redeeming a gift card, 25% of consumers purchased an item they had not planned to spend money on, 8% bought a more expensive version of an item they planned to buy and 3% purchased an item from a store they don’t normally shop at. This means incremental revenue for your business ? and potentially a new repeat customer. “Transaction World Magazine”

  • Gift card sales generate cash flow.
  • Customers look at their wallets an average of 3 to -4 times per day, making gift cards an excellent form of advertising.
  • Gift card programs promote new and repeat customer business.
  • Customers pre-pay for goods or services.
  • Gift cards are easy to track.
  • Performance reports are readily available and they utilize your credit card systems for activation.
  • Customers love to give and use gift cards.
  • On average, customers spend $60 or more OVER the face value of their gift card.
  • Increase customer loyalty.

Why Use Loyalty Cards?

Loyalty cards are a powerful way to let your customers know that you appreciate their business and you want them to return.

  • Say thank you to patrons .
  • Offer a discount for repeat business .
  • Encourage your customers to come back.
  • Create incentives for higher spending thresholds.
  • Use electronic credit card processing machines to track usage.
  • Loyalty cards offer a gentle reminder to your customers to return.

Think you’re too small to have gift cards and loyalty cards? You’re not. Ask your Aliant representative how to get started with our contact form to the right.