Recurring Billing

Aliant Payment Systems provides a Recurring Billing feature, which allows merchants to charge customers at regular intervals through saved billing schedules. Offer multiple payment methods, including credit card, debit card or electronic check to find the most convenient form of recurring payment for each client.

The payment gateway has three distinct Recurring methodologies:

Subscription-Based Recurring Model

Merchants set a unique billing schedule for each customer. For example, one customer may agree to pay a set amount on the 1st of the month, and another on the 15th, while a third may agree to pay every 30-days.?As the merchant, you can make an agreement with your customers to what works best for you both.

Plan-Based Recurring Model

Merchants establish pre-defined billing plans and link customers to a specific plan. For example, you may offer a variety of services at different price points ? whether it’s monthly, quarterly or annually ? or Silver Level, Gold Level, or Platinum. An important benefit to the Plan-Based Model is when your company updates a plan. A single change affects many customers all at once, instead of updating each customer subscription individually. This keeps things simple ? and profitable ? for your business.

Payment Plan Model

What happens when your customers love what you have to offer?but their budgets don’t agree? Aliant’s Recurring Billing Feature can be set for a length of time ranging from one future payment to indefinite, depending on your agreement with your customer, allowing you to do what you do best: work your business.

Aliant Payment System’s Recurring Billing feature helps your customers stay on track with their payment plans. It’s just one of many merchant services we offer. Contact us today for a consultation appointment on how we can help you make more money ? and do it faster and more easily.