PCI Compliance & Forms

The PCI Data Security Standards Council is a global association organized by the card networks for the purpose of creating and monitoring industry mandated requirements for handling of credit card information, classification of merchants, and validation of merchant compliance. In an effort to protect cardholders, PCI Standards mandates that merchants are individually responsible for the security of cardholder data and must be careful not to store certain types of data on their systems or the systems of their third party service providers. Certification of compliance must be completed on the merchant level on an annual basis as required by the Council?s standards.

At Aliant, we are proud to provide our Merchants with the tools they need to be complete Compliance by implementing only PCI Compliant terminals and software, allowing for ease in completing the required annual Compliance Certification.

Below please find various resources for further information regarding the PCI Standards Council as well as links to the documents you will need in order to ensure compliance with the Council?s requirements: