Electronic Payment Processing for Your Service Business

You provide a service to clients to improve their circumstances. To stay competitive in your market, you need to be flexible, whether you’re working on a B2B, B2C or B2E level. Card processing capabilities can help you grow your service business and improve your customer experience. Take credit cards, debit cards and electronic checks securely.

  • Offer gift card and loyalty programs.
  • Secure payment before you do the work.
  • Accept credit cards through mobile devices.
  • Flexible payment options enhance customer loyalty.
  • Set up monthly payment plans for repeat customers.
  • Cut down on paperwork, billing and collection costs.
  • Avoid the risk and inconvenience of having large amounts of cash on hand.

B2B Services

Provide your services to other businesses so they can function smoothly in their day-to-day operations and concentrate on what they do best. Aliant payment processing solutions lets you offer B2B payment plans, one-time services and annual account registration.

B2C Services

Monthly services and one-time charges make it easy for consumers to get what they want when they want it. Clients can pay for your services when they sign up, when the agreement is complete or for an annual contract. Aliant’s merchant processing services let you structure payments however you see fit.

B2E Services

Enterprise companies work on a large scale. Meet their needs in multiple locations on a variety of levels. Get paid for it all at once or for one service at a time. Track and manage payment with additional merchant services from Aliant.

Mobile Services

Your customers don’t need to come to you; you can go to them and get paid on the spot. Our Aliant Point-of-Sales system lets you run your business from almost anywhere. With Aliant POS, you can accept credit and debit cards through an Apple iPad on a cloud-based computerized checkout network system. It brings new meaning to the words “mobile services.”

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