Government Agencies

Electronic Payment Processing for Government Agencies

Every citizen is an important part of your budget. Without prompt payment for fees and services, your government as a whole would have a difficult time maintaining its operations. Aliant Payment Systems can help your agency accept electronic payments for your public services and fee collection programs.

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Electronic Checks

Prompt Payments for Government Services

By allowing citizens to make electronic payments, you ensure more prompt remittance for a wide range of services, keeping your department’s budget intact.

  • Licenses
  • Court Fees
  • Library Fines
  • Public Utilities
  • Food Services
  • Property Taxes
  • Social Programs
  • Refuse Collection
  • Property Registration
  • Public Transit Systems
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Parking and Traffic Tickets
  • School Programs and Fees
  • Wastewater Management

Advantages of Electronic Payment Processing

Many government agencies are able to collect money more quickly and more efficiently by allowing citizens to use electronic payments.

  • Accept payments in person, online or by phone.
  • Offer automatic monthly electronic payment deductions.
  • Receive on-site payment for admission to events and facilities.
  • Minimize the delay of check payments sent through the postal service.

Contact Aliant Payment Systems today to find out how your government agency can offer your citizens more payment options.