Merchant Processing Services for Petroleum and Convenience Marts

If your store provides fuel outdoors and convenience items inside, you know the importance of catering to two different types of customers. Merchant processing services can help your for petroleum and convenience store business cater to both groups at the same time.

Get the Aliant Advantage

Aliant Payment Systems lets you offer acceptance of major credit cards, debit cards and fleet cards. Expand your business.

  • Pay at the pump convenience speeds up transaction time for on-the-go service.
  • Avoid the risk of having large sums of cash in the register.
  • Increase revenue and enhance customer loyalty with rewards programs.
  • Eliminating the need for customers to go inside to pay for fuel helps your employees focus on in-store customers.
  • Customers who can pay outside leave your pumps faster, creating space for new cars.

Aliant ATM Services

When your customers come inside, they’re usually on-the-go. Boost your average sale amount and provide an added convenience with an ATM inside your business.

Aliant has a special ATM Placement Program that lets you host an ATM inside your C-store. We also have machines for sale if you’re looking for a more permanent solution to attracting additional traffic inside.

Whether you need merchant processing services for your petroleum and convenience mart or you’re interested in expanding your income with an ATM inside your quick-stop store, Aliant Payment Systems has the right solutions for your business. Contact us today.