Restaurant Payment Processing Services

There’s an old clich? about customers washing dishes when they can’t pay the bill. Put it to rest. When you accept credit and debit cards, you make it easier to choose your restaurant over the competition. Aliant Payment Systems offers merchant payment processing services for all types of restaurants.

  • Gourmet and Specialty
  • Family Restaurants
  • Bar and Lounge
  • Food Courts
  • Sports Bars
  • Fine Dining
  • Carry-Out
  • Fast-Food
  • Catering
  • Delivery
  • Chains
  • Diners

Make Dining More Convenient

The restaurant industry is a very competitive market ? but you probably already knew that. Offer flexibility in payment options for your customers. When you handle electronic payments through debit cards, credit cards or electronic check approval, you offer your customers a dining experience beyond the cash in their pockets.

  • Offer gift card programs.
  • Accept drive-thru payments.
  • Speed up the check-out process.
  • Process small or large transactions.
  • Allow card-based food delivery services and tips.
  • Online or over-the-phone ordering and payments.
  • Pay at the table with wireless credit card processing.

Want to learn more? Contact our Aliant consultants. They’ll answer any questions you have about the process. You can get a quote, too. Just fill out our convenient form to your right.