Sales Agent Program

Four Key Reasons Why Aliant Payment Systems ISO/MSP Program Is For You:

  1. It Pays You More Than a Buy-Rate Program
    Our net income split program offers you a revenue stream on eight different fees (Qualified, Mid-qualified, and Non-qualified Discount Fee; Transaction Fee; Monthly Minimum Discount Fee; Statement Fee; Merchant Club Fee and Annual Fee).? As a sales agent, your ability to earn revenue in so many different areas makes this a?very profitable program.? And, we will pay you residuals as long as the merchant continues processing with Aliant Payment Systems.
  2. We Leave the Pricing to You
    Under our net income split program, you set most of the fees assessed to the merchant (Qualified Discount Rate, Transaction Fee, Monthly Minimum Discount Fee, Statement Fee; Merchant Club Fee and Annual Fee).? You make the decision to waive fees to make a sale.
  3. Detailed Residual Reporting
    Timely and accurate information is critical in today?s fast-paced business environment.? With Aliant Payment Systems information is just a click away.? Aliant Payment Systems breaks-out transaction volume, the number of transactions and the billing to each of your merchants in all compensated fee categories.??Segregated reporting is available for each of your sales representatives and sales offices.
  4. Communication
    Aliant Payment Systems keeps you?informed about?of the latest product/services developments.? In addition, we post our application approvals in real-time – – often our ISO/MSPs receive approval within a few hours of submission.

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