Mid-Size and Enterprise: Custom Credit Card Processing Solutions

Custom-Tailored Credit Card Processing

Aliant offers over 30 years of payment processing experience, providing industry-specific knowledge and insight to all types of businesses:

  • Retail and Restaurant
  • ECommerce
  • Hospitality
  • Professional Service
  • Business-to-Business
  • Non-Profit

Accept Cards Anywhere from Anyone

Complimentary Terminal Download File

Enjoy traditional counter-top, paper-receipt terminal credit card processing. ?Process POS originated and PIN authorized transactions. ?Sign up with Aliant Payments and request a complimentary download file to reprogram your existing terminal or update your equipment by utilizing one of our technologically enhances devices. Learn more about our terminals.

Virtual Gateway Payments

Accept payments through your eCommerce website, over the phone, or on your smart-phone device. ?With Aliant?s flexible virtual gateway, your limitations are set only by your definitions. ?With pricing tailored to fit your most frequent types of payments, our Virtual Gateway allows for easy form of payment options for your customers and low-cost processing of payments for you. ?Learn more about our virtual gateway.

Expand your forms of Payments

Gift Card and Loyalty programs provide convenience for your customers and reduced credit card processing fees for you. ?ATM machines promote cash payments and offer convenience to your patrons. ?Implementing alternate forms of payments also reduces processing fees and results in increased ways for your business to earn income. ?Learn more about our ancillary services.

Real-Time Reporting Features

Track transactions, deposits, location activity and fees by logging into your online merchant reporting system. ?Run one of our 50+ pre-defined reports or create your own report query. ?Know your numbers ? and exactly how your merchant account is bringing revenue to your business every day. Learn more about our online reporting features.

Next-Day Funding for All Cards

Enjoy access to your revenue immediately. ?Payment Card transactions including American Express transactions performed during business hours (before 6 p.m., EST) are eligible for next-day funding. ?For our merchants whose daily business hours extend past 6 p.m., 24-hour funding is available. ?Contact Aliant Support for details regarding funding times, funding options, and other details of our credit card processing service.