Why EMV is Important to You?


Reduce Your Liability

As of October 1 YOU are on the hook if your customer has EMV, conducts a fraudulent transaction, and you could not support it.


Protection From Fraud

As EMV becomes more widely accepted, attacks will focus on the easy prey: those with outdated magnetic stripe terminals.


How EMV Will Impact Your Business

If you are using an outdated terminal and your customer has an EMV enabled card, you are liable for any fraud resulting from that transaction.
To put it another way: if you process a charge of $10,000 which is proven to be fraud, you owe the $10,000 in addition to any fines or fees.

As of October 1, 2015, if your customers pay with an EMV? chip card and you don?t have an EMV-compliant terminal, you may be liable for any transactions found to be fraudulent.

Upgrade your terminal.

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  • When is the EMV Deadline?

    It?s passed. October 1st 2015.

  • What am I Liable for?

    Beginning October 2015, if your customers pay with an EMV? chip card and you don?t have an EMV terminal, you may be liable for any fraudulent transactions.

  • Is EMV new Technology?

    No. In United Kingdom it?s been in use since 2007 and since then has reduced fraud by 27%.

  • What is EMV?

    Named for the three companies that created it: Europay, MasterCard, and Visa, EMV is a tiny chip embedded in payment cards that is virtually impossible to counterfeit and offers stronger security than magnetic stripe cards.

  • Why is EMV more Secure?

    Magnetic stripe cards send the same credit card number every time they are charged. EMV chip cards send data that changes with each transaction. EMV chip cards send a variable algorithm with each transaction, making the transaction more secure than the static data on magnetic stripes.

  • How do I Protect Myself?

    Contact an Aliant Sales Representative for a fast and free consultation.

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The Aliant Difference

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