01 / 17 / 19

6 Benefits of Accepting Crypto Payments

When we began offering a cryptocurrency payment solution in 2017, we saw an opportunity to give merchants around the world relief from interchange fees, fraud, and the other headaches associated with the current credit card authorization and settlement system.


In January 2019, Aliant announced that we are offering cryptocurrency processing free-of-charge to qualifying merchants that sign up for debit and credit card processing. We decided to offer free crypto processing to expose the value of cryptocurrency to merchants by letting them test it out. After experiencing such a simple, low-cost, and low-risk payment option, we’re confident they won’t look back.


Merchants from a variety of industries are turning to cryptocurrency payments to enjoy a multitude of benefits that traditional payment methods don’t offer. Here are six benefits of accepting crypto payments:


  1. Easier global transactions. Merchants can receive payments from anywhere, from any computer or mobile device, with no foreign-exchange fees, currency conversions, or traditional wait times.


  1. Blockchain payments move from consumers to merchants in 30 minutes or less, regardless of where they are both located.


  1. Fraud prevention. Say goodbye to chargeback fraud and identity theft. With Aliant’s cryptocurrency processing platform, once the transaction hits the blockchain, there’s no reversing it or stopping it, and no charging it back—a huge win for merchants!


  1. A competitive edge. Merchants can embrace the rising demand for alternative payment methods by being among the first to accept cryptocurrency payments.


  1. A broadened customer base. Crypto payments also allow merchants to serve customers that were never able to shop online in the past, due to not having a bank account. With crypto payments, all you need is a smartphone and an email address!


  1. It’s fast, easy and safe. Aliant’s crypto processing platform, called CryptoBucks, allows merchants to use any plugin, API, or app from Aliant’s library. The deposit time of converting crypto to USD is three business days, with no volatility for the merchant. Aliant has a banking relationship with a publicly traded domestic bank to facilitate all payments for CryptoBucks, which is fully compliant with current federal regulations and adheres to all KYC and AML rules.


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