06 / 20 / 10

Accept Credit Card Payments… with your iPhone

PAYware Mobile?is new?state-of-the-art?technology?allowing you to accept payment by credit card virtually anywhere in the world, at any time, with your iPhone. No more waiting for payments, requesting checks by mail, or missed sales! PAYware Mobile is a unique sleeve that attaches to your iPhone and works in unison with it’s very own specially designed app.

How it works: When you’re ready to make a sale, simply swipe the card through the sleeve. Integrated technology?transmits the information directly to the PAYware Mobile app on your iPhone screen where the charges can be verified and processed. The iPhones touch-sensitive screen?allows you to accept the cardholders signature, making this the ultimate hassle-free solution for mobile payment processing. Did we mention that the app?can even?email the customer a reciept?

Why you need it: PAYware Mobile is perfect for todays busy,?on-the-go business. There’s no need for carbon copies, manual entries, written charges or any of those old methods of so-called “mobile processing”. With PAYware Mobile, funds are verified and charges are processed right on the spot, in real time. It’s that simple, and there’s nothing else needed. PAYware Mobile provides truly unlimited?payment acceptance, wherever you take your iPhone.

How to get it: For more information on PAYware Mobile?or to begin acepting mobile card payments today, conact Aliant Payment Systems at https://uat.aliantpayments.com or by phone at 888.638.6103

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