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Best Practices: Customer Services

Grow Sales and Connect with Customers

Small and medium-sized businesses can drastically increase sales and more effectively connect with customers by using credit and debit card processing systems.? Even enterprise-sized businesses can benefit from expanded customer payment options.? From credit cards, debit cards, keypad transactions, gift cards or even checks, your business needs to be prepared to capture?all?customer revenue and provide a secure, high-quality purchasing experience.

As of 2014, almost 400 million Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards were in circulation in the United States. ??Whether you are in the retail or restaurant business, just imagine the loss of potential business by not accepting credit cards through an easy-to-use, swipe-based mobile payment technology and software.

With expanded payment options and lower fees compared to Square and Intuit,?Aliant Payments?provides mobile and terminal-based payment processing to?small businesses?and even?enterprise-sized?businesses.? From small businesses to large-scale government contracting, Aliant lower costs and provides superior service.

Benefits:? Higher Cash Flow, Lower Costs

Aliant?s?low cost payment processing provides clear benefits over competing processing services.? With Aliant, not only will you improve cash flow and sales of your business, but you?ll begin to develop a better overall business strategy:? increase sales, lower costs, and improve the customer experience.

Benefits to using Aliant include:

  • Receive a complimentary card reader that works with smartphones or tablets to process mobile payments (iOS or Android)
  • Receive a complimentary terminal upgrade file for terminal payment systems
  • No annual fees or monthly minimums.
  • Lower fees and transactions rates?compared to Square and Intuit.
    • For example, a business that processes just $5,000 in payments per month can save over $500 in fees compared to Square and Intuit.
  • Real-time reporting to analyze your debit or credit card processing to gain greater insight into your customers and to quickly and effectively manage electronic transactions
  • Next day funding for all card types.
  • Expanded payment options:? Aliant software can process checks or even gift cards.

Mobile Payments and Customer Satisfaction

Today?s small business and retail customers like quick and easy transactions.? With Aliant?s mobile payment processing, you can use smartphone and tablet devices to process payments via a free app found in the iTunes store and Google Play marketplace.? It?s easy:? simply link your merchant account to the free payment processing app (along with the Aliant-provided complimentary card reader), ensure that you have an available cellular or WiFi connection, and immediately start accepting mobile credit and debit card transactions.

Customers prefer businesses that focus on customer service.? Aliant allows you to handle any payment discrepancies between card payments and customers.? From payment questions to email receipts, other mobile payment processing features include:

  • Speed😕 Transactions are approved in 1.9 seconds or less.
  • Print or email receipt😕 print a paper receipt or email a copy of the receipt directly to your customer.
  • Location😕 add a geo-location image to the customer?s receipt showing the location where the transaction took place.
  • Signature😕 capture a signature from your customer before the sale is processed.? Signature will also be displayed on the receipt.
  • Tips😕 Provide a tip option to the initial sale (15%, 18%, 20%, 25% or custom tip).
  • Full/partial refund😕 The application allows for refunds and void purchases.

Connect With Customers Like Never Before

From small businesses to grocery, retail to non-profit fundraisers, the ability to accept credit card payments ?on-the-go? is a vital part of business success.? For restaurants and location-specific businesses, Aliant?s complimentary terminal upgrades, low fees and no monthly minimums allow you to save and reduce costs.? Fundamentally change your business and connect with customers through Aliant?s payment processing solutions.

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