04 / 04 / 19

Coming Soon at Aliant Payments

Here at Aliant, we typically use our blog as a platform to showcase our accomplishments, or to let our merchants, industry contacts, and friends know what we’ve been working on. This time we decided to switch it up, and fill you in on our ideas and goals for the future. Here’s how we plan to continue innovating!


Utilizing blockchain for the traditional side of payments

Aliant has been offering our CryptoBucks payment solution for a while now- we even offer our crypto processing FREE to qualifying merchants and registered charities! But in addition to this, we’re now looking at incorporating blockchain and digital wallets to the traditional side of payments (i.e. credit card and debit card transactions).


What does this mean exactly?


The Aliant team is looking at migrating our credit card portfolio, which rides on the old traditional credit card system, over to a blockchain environment and digital wallet. We would utilize the blockchain as a digital ledger to record credit card transactions (as well as refunds, voids, etc.), and then we would fund a merchant’s digital wallet. This would allow us to have more secure transaction data, and also fund faster.


Considering we already have our payment portal built out for crypto, we have a great foundation to build on. We’d like to utilize our payment portal to start adding features to it, such as credit cards, debit cards, ACH, and more.


Keep in mind that although we’re sharing this idea with you, it is still in its infancy. The Aliant team is just beginning to discuss and frame it out, but ultimately this is how we’d like to do our traditional payments in the future. We want to utilize blockchain and digital wallets to enhance our offerings to clients, with the idea of eventually incorporating crypto, credit card, debit card transactions into one environment.


The new Aliant website

We are currently about halfway through a full website revamp that includes EVERYTHING! Soon we will say goodbye to the current Aliant logo, website, and marketing materials, and introduce a new concept that focuses on modern innovation. We figured that if we’re working to inspire the future of payments, we should have a website that reflects that.





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