05 / 13 / 19

Everything You Need to Know About How Crypto Payments Work

Since introducing our CryptoBucks crypto processing program, we’ve answered TONS of questions about how it works. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are still their infancy, and we have a way to go before they’re understood by merchants and consumers. If you’re still learning what crypto payments are, or how they work, no worries! We’re here to help you understand!


How do Crypto Payments Work?

It’s easy to accept payments in cryptocurrency and receive funds directly to your bank account.


First, your customer must choose to pay in either Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ether during the checkout process. They pay the crypto payments processing invoice at a locked-in exchange rate, and from there our processing platform converts it to USD. The merchant then gets a direct deposit in their bank account. Pretty simple, right?


Why Accept Crypto Payments?

Both e-commerce and retail merchants from many different industries are turning to cryptocurrency payments to enjoy benefits that traditional payment methods don’t offer. Here are four benefits of accepting crypto payments:


  1. Merchants can receive payments from anywhere, from any computer or mobile device, with no foreign-exchange fees, currency conversions, or traditional wait times.


  1. Blockchain payments move from consumers to merchants in 30 minutes or less, regardless of where they are both located.


  1. Chargeback fraud and identity theft is eliminated. Once the transaction hits the blockchain, there’s no reversing it or stopping it, and no charging it back—a major win for merchants!


  1. Merchants can embrace the rising demand for alternative payment methods and gain a competitive edge by being an early adopter of cryptocurrency payments.


Free Crypto Processing for Merchants and Non-Profits

Our mission here at Aliant is to make cryptocurrency a mainstream form of payment, and change the way people around the world pay for goods and services. We’ve spent the last two years developing a cryptocurrency payment solution that simplifies payments, and is fully compliant with all industry regulations.


In an effort to educate merchants on how it works, we decided to let them test it out for themselves- free of charge! Today, qualifying merchants and registered non-profits are able to experience the ease of our CryptoBucks platform, and the value that crypto payments bring their business. After experiencing such a simple, low-cost, and no-risk payment option, we’re confident they won’t look back.


To get started with crypto payments for your business, call us at 888-638-6103.

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