07 / 06 / 17

Gamechanging Trends in Payments Technology

8-2There are so many exciting changes happening in payments technology, as our industry continues to shift toward a digital environment, thanks to consumer and business preferences for online and mobile payment methods.

Similar to how the smartphone transformed the phone industry and user experience forever, we are seeing modern sleek terminals like Poynt and cryptocurrency applications like BitPay change the way businesses accept payments. Below we explain how these gamechanging technologies work, and the benefits they offer to merchants.

Poynt Smart Terminal
Poynt?s new all-in-one smart terminal allows merchants to take the payment experience right to the customer. Ideal for small retail stores, restaurants and other high-ticket frequency businesses, Poynt?s innovative mobile payment terminal has a modern design and offers the following:

? A turnkey solution that features a mobile and countertop credit card terminal, printer, signature pad, PIN pad, and docking station
? 3G and WiFi capabilities that enable merchants to take the checkout experience to customers, whether they are inside or outside your business
? Extended battery life that lets merchants go wireless for up to 8 hours
? The ability to accept all payment types, including magstripe, chip (EMV) cards, and mobile payments such as Apple Pay
? Anytime reporting with an easy-to-use dashboard where merchants can monitor sales, refund transactions, and settle with one click

Aliant also began recently offering BitPay, an automated payment processing system for the bitcoin currency, to its clients. BitPay’s retail, ecommerce, billing, and donation tools allow merchants to accept payments from customers anywhere on earth, and receive settlement for bitcoin payments directly to their bank account in their own currency, with zero price volatility or risk. Some of the benefits of BitPay include:

? While credit cards take up to 3% in processing fees on every transaction, BitPay allows merchants to accept bitcoin and get direct bank deposits in their own currency for a flat 1% settlement charge
? The ability to sell to anyone, anywhere. By connecting to Bitcoin, merchants can receive payments in any amount, from anywhere in the world, from any device
? The end of chargeback fraud and identity theft. With bitcoin, customers can pay without handing over sensitive personal information, and refunds are made through the merchant ? no chargebacks.
? To date, BitPay has partnered with over 40 of the most popular e-commerce platforms and point-of-sale systems

Aliant is proud to be a highly regarded payment processor that now offers both the Poynt Smart Terminal and BitPay. With over 14 years of experience in the payment processing industry, we?re happy to provide the latest technology to help merchants run their businesses effectively. To learn more, or to get started with Poynt or BitPay, contact us or call us at 888-638-6103

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