Payment Gateway

Processing ?Card Not Present? Transactions?

Aliant Payment Systems now offers a virtual and secure online credit card processing payment gateway. It allows administrative log-in, integration to eCommerce websites, retail “swipe” integration, smart phone and tablet processing, invoicing by email and batch processing. It also offers a completely customizable look and feel of payment forms and receipts. Enjoy robust reporting features with exportable file capabilities, user hierarchy and more. Use these features to safely process “card not present” transactions.

What This Means for Aliant?s Virtual Gateway Merchants

  • Offer Consumers More Ways to Pay. Accept all of the major credit cards online, as well as electronic check (ACH) services. Greater choice in payment types increases sales. It also lowers the incidence of abandoned shopping carts.
  • Protect Your Bottom Line. Internet processing with fraud prevention is a prime opportunity to increase profitability and build customer loyalty.
  • Leverage Your Business Intelligence. Our virtual gateway users can easily manage their payment gateway through a direct merchant interface. This secure payment process generates valuable data you can use to make smart business decisions.

Virtual Gateway Features

  • Real time form field validation?- Helps eliminate key-entry errors by highlighting invalid fields and providing positive reinforcement for valid entries.
  • Ability to use encrypted card readers?- Secure card readers allow merchants to accept card present transactions. This lowers the risk of fraud and allows merchants to receive discounted processing rates
  • Customer Tokenization?- While using the Virtual Terminal, merchants may choose to save sensitive customer data in the Customer Vault for future billing purposes.
  • Invoice by Email ? Allow your customers to perform their own transaction by providing them with an exclusive payment link.

Recurring Billing

Reduce administrative billing by using Aliant’s Recurring Billing option. Recurring billing lets merchants charge customers on regular intervals through saved billing schedules. Accept these payments via credit card, debit card or electronic check.

Exportable Reports

Create and generate customized reports through Aliant’s robust reporting feature. Export to your existing Accounting Software. Run a standard sales report ? or get creative and track team productivity, advertising investments, customer demographics and more. As with our user interface, our reports can expand with user creativity, providing far more benefits than a simple payment acceptance tool.

Expand your Virtual Gateway to provide retail capabilities through Aliant?s Swipe Feature.

Swipe enables merchants to process card-present transactions using a personal computer. Supported hardware has security features of next-generation end-to-end encrypted card readers with signature capture. Merchants using the swipe feature and its supported hardware have instant record retrieval options. Receipts with signatures are stored in the gateway and can be emailed directly to the merchants’ customers.

  • Record Retrieval – Immediately locate signed receipts stored in the payment gateway
  • Signature Capture – Include digital signatures with chargeback representments
  • Useful Data Storage?- Utilize up to 20 merchant defined fields for business analytics
  • E-mail Receipts?- Automatically e-mail customers transaction receipts
  • Green Initiative?- Paperless receipts save trees and the environment
  • Enhanced Security?- End-to-end encryption technology protects against breach

Integrate to eCommerce Website

Aliant encourages you to increase the productivity of your online credit card processing account by integrating your virtual gateway as a payment acceptance solution on your eCommerce website. Integration of the virtual processing gateway allows for the expansion of your business to international consumers and extends your operations to 24 hours a day. Integrate the Secure Processing Gateway one of two ways:

Free Shopping Cart HTML Solution

Use Aliant’s free shopping cart solution, created and developed for merchants who are looking for an affordable method of linking their web site to Aliant’s secure online credit card processing gateway. By taking a few quick steps, create a simple HTML code to paste into your existing website, no SSL Certificate required.

Custom Integration

Aliant provides full API capabilities for customers who want to integrate into a complex website with an existing shopping cart or even with customized accounting software.

Contact Aliant today to learn more about our online credit card processing and custom integration features.