10 / 05 / 17

Payment Processing News Merchants Need to Know About

As we gear up for another exciting week of processing payments for our favorite merchants, we?re here to share the latest industry news. Here?s some of the most important reads you need to know about in the world of credit card processing and merchant services! Enjoy!

How banks are keeping up with Venmo in attracting millennials

When it comes to attracting millennials, banks are working to come up with solutions that compete with the popular P2P platform Venmo. Zelle was introduced in 2016 as the big banks’ answer to P2P mobile payments, and so far, 30 financial institutions have adopted it. Read the full article to discover what big banks are doing well when it comes to P2P payments, and where they still need to improve.

Study: Consumers not keen on facial ID for payments

The upcoming iPhone X will feature facial recognition for payments, but it turns out that consumers are not keen on the idea. A new survey by Juniper Research has found that more than 40 percent of iOS users in the U.S. consider themselves unlikely to use facial recognition as a payment security technology, according to a press release. Read the full article here.

Overstock Shares Soar On Cryptocurrency Trading Announcement

The market reacted favorably to the news that Overstock?s subsidiary tZero is joining the business of trading digital coins. The 23.5% leap took its stock price to its highest point since January 2014, moving its annual increase to 65% on the whole. Read the full article here.

Aliant Payment Systems in the News

It?s been an exciting few weeks here at Aliant! We recently announced our partnership with BitPay, making us one of the first payment processing companies to offer merchants the ability to accept payments in bitcoin. Since then, we?ve been excitedly getting our merchants set up with Bitcoin capabilities, and we?ve seen lots of love from some of our favorite industry websites including Bitcoin.com, Digital Transactions, and Finance Magnates, to name a few. Read the full article here.



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