09 / 26 / 19

Reasons to Accept Crypto Payments This Holiday Season

Reasons to Accept Crypto Payments This Holiday Season


The holiday season is right around the corner, and according to a study, 1 in 5 US consumers start their shopping in October or earlier. That means that if you haven’t already created a strategy to crush it this Q4, you’re late to the game.


One of the ways that Aliant is helping merchants this season is by offering free cryptocurrency processing to anyone that signs up for a merchant account. There is no minimum processing amount- simply sign up for a merchant account with us, and we’ll throw in the crypto processing for free!


In addition to gaining a competitive edge by embracing the increasing demand for alternative payment methods, here are some of the ways that merchants can benefit from accepting crypto payments.

  • Fraud prevention. More transactions during the holiday season often means more fraud attempts. With crypto payments, chargebacks and identity theft are one less headache for merchants to deal with. With Aliant’s CryptoBucks platform, once the transaction hits the blockchain, there’s no reversing it or stopping it, and no charging it back!


  • Merchants, we know you’re busy during the holiday season, and this is the time that blockchain payments really come in handy. Blockchain payments move from consumers to merchants in 30 minutes or less, regardless of where they are both located.


  • Easier global transactions. Regardless of where your business is located, crypto payments allow you to receive payments from anywhere, from any computer or mobile device, with no foreign-exchange fees, currency conversions, or traditional wait times.


  • It’s free! We began offering free crypto processing to merchants so they can experience the ease of our CryptoBucks platform, and the value that it brings their business. After experiencing such a simple, low-cost, and no-risk payment option, we’re confident they won’t look back. To learn more about crypto processing, and to apply.

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