03 / 10 / 10

Remote Check Deposit with Mobile Phone Cameras

checkinsideFor businesses, this software will allow them to deposit checks by using their mobile phone’s camera as a scanner, capturing an image of both sides of the check and transmitting those images to their financial institution for deposit. The software is ideal for small services-based businesses, such as insurance agencies or home repair, who need to process low-volumes of checks from remote locations.

The new NCR APTRA Mobile Passport solution compliments the APTRA Commercial Passport, remote deposit capture software that allows deposits using check scanners from their businesses directly to the financial institution or via online banking web site.

“NCR will offer the convenience of ImageNet Mobile Deposit to its existing bank and financial institution customers and commercial accounts, providing mobile workers and professionals with a valuable tool to conduct check deposits right from their mobile phone,” said James DeBello, president and CEO, Mitek Systems.

To learn how you can save time and money with the added convenience of mobile check deposit, contact Aliant Payment Systems today at https://uat.aliantpayments.com or by calling 866-502-4831.

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