02 / 22 / 19

Tips for Selecting a Credit Card Processor

Here is some insight on the things business owners should consider when selecting a credit card
processor, according to Eric Brown, Founder and CEO of Aliant Payments.


Rates, Fees and Deposit Times

Obviously rates and fees matter, but this needs to be compared to deposit times as well. Look for a  good rate with a minimum of a 24 hour deposit; there are also some same day funding options now.

POS Systems (for retail merchants)

If the business is a retail location, they need to also look at a point of sale (POS) system. Their potential provider can support these systems, and it’s become important as they have a lot of functions and apps that can help a small business manage their day to day.


Website Connection (for e-commerce merchants)

If it’s an e-commerce business, that must look at the connection to their website. Is the payment portal user friendly? If it’s complicated, the merchant will have a difficult time managing payments and refunds.



Also consider reporting, accounting, and integration. The integration shouldn’t take a team of programmers to complete- it should just be some simple code to drop into the back end of a website with many platform options. You shouldn’t have to adjust your website platform to a credit card processor. Instead, pick one that has a lot of “plug in options.”


Customer Service

When it comes to accounts service, remember that your payment processing company is managing anywhere from 60-100% of your money, so make sure you have a go-to person or a good support desk. Otherwise when you are looking for your money or something has gone wrong, this issue rises to the top of your list very quickly.



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