10 / 05 / 20

What We’ve Been Working on at Aliant & CryptoBucks

It’s been a great year here at Aliant and CryptoBucks, and an even better year for cryptocurrency. From a weakening U.S. fiat system, to large banking institutions welcoming digital currencies onto their platforms (we’re looking at you, JPMorgan), 2020 has given crypto a huge boost towards mainstream adoption.

It’s been awhile since we’ve given an update, so here are some things we’re working on:

  • CryptoBucks has launched XRP payments on it’s mobile app. We are also exploring other coin options- which coin would you like to see added next?
  • We applied to Visa’s new fintech resources and development program. Visa recently shared that it is approaching innovation and evaluating opportunities to incorporate promising technologies, such as crypto and blockchain, into its operations. Visa is considering partnership proposals from an increasing number of crypto companies, and we look forward to learning more about it!
  • We are in talks with a publicly traded payment processor to add crypto payment capabilities for over 50,000 merchants with $40 billion in traditional processing volume. Stay tuned!
  • Aliant has sponsored the CryptoBucks professional fishing team, which has led to increased exposure of the brand on social media. We are also looking at and discussing other endorsement deals with professional sports leagues.  Check out our YouTube channel and Twitter for videos and pictures!
  • CryptoBucks is in development to add the app to major point of sale hardware that will extend consumer contactless payments with crypto.
  • We added an independent checkout button to the CryptoBucks platform, which allows e-commerce merchants to securely accept cryptocurrency and convert to USD.

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