04 / 18 / 19

Why Accept Cryptocurrency Donations for Your Non-Profit?

The ease, transparency, and security of blockchain transactions has made cryptocurrency an effective and popular new payment method. Cryptocurrency payments offer new opportunities for donors to give, and for non-profits to raise funds, posing an exciting way to connect both sides.


With numerous non-profits already accepting cryptocurrency payments, we’re here to educate others and increase adoption. Here are some of the ways that your non-profit can benefit by accepting cryptocurrency donations:


No Processing Fees!

Although offering debit and credit cards as a payment method may increase a non-profit’s number of donors, high processing fees eat into your donations. With cryptocurrency payments, there are no banks or credit card companies involved in the transactions, resulting in a much lower processing expense. And since Aliant offers crypto processing free-of-charge to registered non-profits, there is actually NO CHARGE when you partner with us!


That’s right- registered non-profits can accept donations in Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ether, and receive 100% of the donation in their local fiat currency. When a donor gives you a $100 USD donation, you will receive the full $100 USD deposited directly into your bank account. There are no platform fees, no setup fees, no monthly fees, and no transaction fees!


Fast, Efficient Transactions

Because there are fewer players involved in a cryptocurrency transaction, they are fast, easy and safe. While traditional payment processes can take three or more days before the money hits your account (and even longer when accepting an international payment), the deposit time of converting crypto to USD is just three business days, with no volatility for the non-profit.


Easier Access to International Donors

Cryptocurrency donations allow non-profit organizations to receive payments from anywhere in the world with no currency conversions, traditional wait times, or foreign-exchange fees associated with international credit card payments.


Attract New Donors in the Crypto Community

There are many crypto-wealthy individuals who have made more money than they know what to do with (we mean, how many Lambos does one individual need?). One thing is for certain – they aren’t converting it to fiat!


To learn more, or to start accepting cryptocurrency payments for your non-profit free-of-charge, please call us at 888.638.6103.

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