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Post-Sale Organization & Reporting

Aliant Payment Systems provides merchant credit card processing services for a variety of industries and our post-sale organization and reporting tools are designed to meet the needs of any business model.

Aliant provides secure web-based services,?real-time reporting features and reliable customer support to restaurants, retailers and wholesalers, professional services and associations, government and non-profit organizations as well as e-commerce and mail order businesses. Our industry-specific processing solutions allow us to offer the most cost-effective rates in the industry and our customers save an average of 15 to 30 percent on their bankcard processing costs.

We distinguish ourselves from the competition by providing software and web integration, aggressive pricing and next day/same day funding. Our processing solutions ensure that you:

  • Keep track of all the information you need
  • Keep customer information secure
  • Report your sales properly

Post-Sale Organization: Keeping Accurate Sales Records

Combining the speed of the Internet with versatility increases productivity by allowing secure access to your post-sales information wherever and whenever you need it.

Keeping track of all your merchant credit card processing and post-sales information has never been easier — Simply use our secure gateway to download your transaction information into Excel, Word, PDF or CSV files, keep it organized, and create reports.

Your business will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Conduct daily sales audits
  • Create reports for more efficient cash flow management
  • Perform historical and trend analysis
  • Investigate and resolve chargebacks
  • Identify non-qualification losses
  • Reconcile your merchant credit card processing information with your business checking account

Keeping Customer Information Secure

By accepting all major credit and debit cards with transaction approval in 1.9 seconds or less, our customers enjoy increased cash flow, increased sales and reduced fraud in their credit, debit, EBT, and check transactions. All transactions comply with PCI Standards and you’ll receive e-deposits directly into your business bank account.

Long-term customer relationships depend on trust. Our secure web servers ensure your customer information is safely secured so you can build the relationships you need to grow your business.

Post-Sales Organization For Accurate Sales Reporting

Secure web-based transaction reporting not only keeps your post-sale information available when you need it, a secure web interface ensures adjustments are applied correctly so you report your sales accurately.

Internal Revenue Service Code Section 6050W requires all merchants and card processing providers to report annual sales volumes and each processing provider is required to submit Form 1099-K for each merchant. To enforce compliance, the IRS mandates that service providers withhold 28 percent of all credit/debit card sales of those merchants with a discrepancy in their records. This amount must be held by the processing provider until sales information is updated and accurate. This can create difficulties for both merchants and merchant credit card processing providers, because for merchants, actual transaction amounts often differ because may often include chargebacks and transactions that allow their customers to receive cash back.

Our processing solutions keep track of all your processing transactions, keep your customer information secure and ensure you report your sales properly. Real-time reporting features allow you to track your transactions, deposits, location activity and merchant credit card processing fees simply by logging into your online merchant reporting system.

Merchant Credit Card Processing From Aliant Payment Systems

We recently introduced an innovative approach to retail merchant services by combining flat-rate pricing with customized transaction-specific rates for our?Small Business Programand our?Mid-Size and Enterprise?program offers more extensive services.

Aliant Payment Systems solutions are custom-tailored for even the most challenging of business needs. Please see our?Testimonials?and learn how?We Can Help Your Business Succeed?today!

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